Victorian Speed Boat Club Events.

Eppalock Cup 2021

Eppalock Gold Cup 2021

Venue: VSBC  Derrinal pool, Lake Eppalock

General Admission

Saturday General Admission $15
Camping Fees are $10 per night per adult, kids under 16 are Free

Exclusion Zone


Download the Offical Entry Pack

Download the Offical Covid Plan for 2022

Directions: If you travel N-W from Heathcote out the McIvor highway around 4km, turn left onto Mia Mia-Derrinal Rd. Follow this out and as the road sweeps around to the left on your right is Speedboat road. Take this until you see a gate, head straight and at the end you will see the VSBC gates.
There will be blue VSBC signs at each turn!


Our Club is based at Lake Eppalock, in the Derrinal Pool near Heathcote, where we have our Clubhouse and racing headquarters. Our site at Eppalock has a good number of caravan and campsites, and water activities like skiing swimming and fishing are enjoyed. Lake Eppalock is a large expanse of water that is greatly suited to speedboat racing. We have a great pit area, with tractors and undercover fly overs available to rent for the weekends.
It has a great view of the action from the sloping banks spectators can see the entire course, you can just sit back and enjoy the thrills.
ALL classes will be catered for and we aim to have minimum 3 races per day for each class.

Major Events/ Races


Championship races are:

VSBC Gold Cup

Scrutineering/pits: All boats will be required to be scrutineered prior to being allowed on the water, including for testing and practice runs. All scrutineering will be conducted within the pit areas.

Pits will close at 7:30am on Saturday
We will have tractors putting boats in and out of water, tow cars will be asked to leave pit area once unloaded and allowed back in at end of both days.
Catering: VSBC Canteen will be open subject to COVID restrictions. More detail to follow as we receive advise from DHHS.

Presentation/ Trophies

Saturday 8 January in the club house, commencing at TBA.
Place cards available (we are only doing trophies for Championship races.)


Current Entry List for our Eppalock Gold Cup Event

Updated 02.01.22

Formula Future

Phat Chance Lachie Bride

Venom Max Seacombe

Times R Tuff Jetta Norrish

Aquasonic Tyler Scott

Prime Josh Taranto

Megatron Lily Taranto

A Little Hostile Harry Meades

Flat Out Taylor Jackson

Wing N It Aiden

Epic Jnr Tyler Gilligan

Epic Jnr Ella Gilligan

25Hp / 550cc

Reckless Baxter Ramsay

Maverick Tate Williamson

Miss Martini Sammy Martin

Takin A Chance Lucas Ellis

Last Chance Hudson Ellis

Addicted 2 Jackson Seacombe (550)

APBA 13 Glen Seacombe

The Dictator Kelsie Dempster

L & O Racing Shaun Oliver (550)

Bullship Charlie Curwood (550)

Bumble Bee Amber Bull (550)

85 Mph

One More Nathan Bartczak

Short Temper Jason Jones

Moonshine Mike Godsell

Carnage Andrew Chilver

The Artist Mark Schultz

Freedom Bob Reid

Olde Horny Peter McDonald

Pepperoni Playboy Daniel Cook

Tucana Paul Whitten

Race Marine Ryan Shan


95 Mph

One More Nathan Bartczak

Cut Cat Stephen Rumble

Moonshine Mike Godsell

The Artist Mark Schultz

Frenzy Rod Williamson

Olde Horny Peter McDonald


105 Mph

The Enforcer Tony Murphy

Cut Cat Stephen Rumble

The Artist Mark Schultz

Frenzy Rod Williamson

Another Madam Max Stevens

The Gator Melisa / Kelvin Rick Macansh

Shoe String Racing Shaun Oliver


OzLite Hydroplane

HBR Brad Holland

S16 Dooie Nicholls

Predator Andrew Donahue

Times R Tuff Paul Norrish

No Direction Jasmine Ava Frajnkovic

Melton Toyota 86 Grant Harrison


1800/2100 Outboard

Pepperoni Playboy Daniel

Cook Cherokee TBA

Tucana Paul Whitten

Old Skool Andrew Murphy

Rebound R Hannan

Unlimited Mono / Mod VP / 2700cc Super Sports / Sports Mono

Pepperoni Playboy Daniel

Envy Zach Murphy

Tucana Paul Whitten

Carnage Andrew Chilver


Unlimited Outboard

Envy Zach Murphy

Carnage Andrew Chilver

Carnage Andrew Chilver


5.2 Litre Open

Hot Cookie Russell Jones


6 Litre Open

Turn It Up Scott / Conner Patterson

The Enforcer Tony Murphy

The Gator Melisa / Kelvin Macansh


Eppalock Gold Cup / Unlimited Unrestricted

Destiny Blake Ramsay

Wild Child Darren Robinson

Turn It Up Scott / Conner Patterson

The Enforcer Tony Murphy

Rival John Bakker

Aussie Connection Neil Howe

The Gator Melisa / Kelvin Macansh

Bad Fusion Rick Duddington

R Marine Jackson F2 Sam Lucas