Kilo Report


The early bird catches the worm
9th of August, the alarms went of 5 o’clock  to get up, have a shower, put some warm clothes on and head down to the pits while still dark, Thanks to the VSBC ( Brad, Holley, and Steve Rumble) for installing our new fog light that gave as plenty of light to prepare the boats while in darkness. While seven drivers were eager to hit the water, Royce Mcintyre was nominated first to fly across the kilo. Royce and his 25hp came back with a speed run of, 101.56km/h which knocked off the record of Open Hull Aust & NSW Record.
Very  happy with result, they packed up after run with big smiles, and a big congratulations to Royce and Father Mcintyre.
Second to hit the water was Charles Maloney, all the way down from NSW, Craig Bailey and team placed a bet friday night of $10 they were going to do over 130mph in Hurry up, The team fought hard all day and increased speed every run with a result of 196.16kph - Unlimited Mono, Aust & NSW Record. The hard work had paid off, but only did 129mph, which resulted in Bailey’s loss of the $10, Maybe we will see you next year for another bet!
Our main man Scotty Patterson was the next on the water, with testing all weekend showing good results on the gps, Scotty was unable to beat the Vic Record but came awfully close, Scotts recall speed came back at 137.98kph in a 4.2 Displacement...    Next year Patto!

It was time for Team Villan with Pilot Micky Walls to be on the water, with a great run up and foot flat to the floor, and minor adjustments from the man Freddy Hamilton, received a speed of 185.81km/h 6Lt Kt/Hydroplane, Congratulations on your 100mph badge Micky.

HBR boys were next in the Que for the speed run, with all the nerves running and lots of hard work, it has finally paid off for the team HBR - pilot  Liam Holland was clocked at 172.50kph - Actually faster then the current record of 172.20kph, but not enough to claim - Team still very happy with results.

From Sydney, was Doug Smith who also from NSW, had a long day with getting the most out of his boat, the fastest speed at the end of the day was 182.14kph Sports Mono Aust & NSW Record. Very fast these days to be sitting in a open boat. Well done, very impressive and congratulations.

Not last but least was our very own club member, Darren Milgate in Hydrolust 6ltr Hydroplane, hit the line at a very impressive speed of 204.98kph 6Lt Kt/Hydroplane Vic Record, 200 Kph & 100 Mph Badge, Fastest speed of the day. Good work Darren and bring home gold at the Top End sprint, and go the hydros!

We were lucky to have such a beautiful morning with no fog, and being able to kick off as early as possible! Thanks for being so cooperative all drivers and making the morning run smoothly and the day being over by 12:30pm.A big thanks to all boats out on the water and big thanks to the VSBC for allowing us to run with such low numbers!
Successful day
Liam Holland