Circuit Racing Since 1948



Power Boat Racing

The Victorian Speed Boat Club was formed in 1948, and has been involved in boat racing for all of that time. From the beginning we combined our racing activities with charities, the first being a charity day for the Bentleigh Youth Club. This raised $5,000.00, after this, an association with Prince Henry's Hospital was formed and over a 3-4 year period our contributions (with Government subsidies) raised over $38,000.00.
In the 1970's the Club worked with South Melbourne Lions Club and the Lions have benefited by in excess of $23,000.00. In addition many other worthwhile organizations have been assisted. Our recent Lake Nillahcootie meeting raised funds for the Camp Quality organization.
Over the years the VSBC has run nearly all the major trophy races around, including the E. C Griffith Cup, AE Baker trophy and the Marj Watson trophy.

The Victorian Speed Boat Club conducts Power Boat race meetings that consist of races over three or four laps over a course of 1.5 to 2.4 kilometers. The courses are an oblong KT111or triangular shape to suit the venue.
There are many classes of Inboard boats - ranging from Unlimited Hydroplane and Unlimited Displacement which are powered by V 12 aircraft engines and Supercharged V8 engines with power outputs from 1000HP to 2500HP for the V 12 engines. These boats race at speeds up to 170mph. At the other end of the scale are the 1.6 litre Oz Lite Boats that are powered by 1.6 litre Twin Cam Toyota engine. In between are 4.2 litre, 5.2 litre and 6 litre Hydroplane and Displacement classes, powered by engines like the 4.2 litre Holden, producing around 300HP to 6 litre V.8's of up to 700+HP. Racing provides a great spectacle of exciting action.
Outboard racing has some of the fastest boats around a circuit with Formula One Tunnel hulls capable of extremely quick lap times with high speed cornering and acceleration abilities that are breathtaking. Outboard racing covers classes from Unlimited to 25HP.
A special class of racing is available for Junior Drivers from the age of twelve years to sixteen years. In Victoria Junior racing is conducted by all Circuit Race Clubs and is based on a Mono or Wing type hull, powered by a standard 6, 10 or 15HP outboard motor. Races are run on a course of 600 metres in length, and over three or four laps. Speeds are within the ability of the younger drivers, and the class is designed to introduce Juniors to the joys and excitement of competition boat racing.

HBR RacingPower Boat racing is conducted under the control of the Australian Power Boat Association (APBA), all Power Boat racing clubs must be affiliated with the APBA to conduct sanctioned racing events in Australia, events must be sanctioned in order for records to be claimed and Championship Points to be awarded.