ower Boat Ra


-Five rounds, one at each Victorian club
        Victorian Inboard Rounds

  • Round 1   Oct 5 -2014    MRSBC club event
  • Round 2  Nov 2 -2014    GDBC club event
  • Round 3  Nov 29/30 -2014  VSBC Eppalock Gold cup
  • Round 4  March 1 -2015   Lake Charm (Archer Eade)
  • Round 5  March 28/29 -2015  Paynesville Gold cup event
  • (Rd1- 6lt open/Unlimited unrestricted/1.6lt hydro??) to be held at Glenmaggie’s December meeting.
  • 1.6 H/P -4.2lt -5.2lt -105mph -6lt open -BAD-  Open unlimited
  • Bonus points for boats that attend each meet -12.5pts, this is to ensure that competitors are rewarded in case of meeting being cancelled eg due to weather. (As long as boat has passed scrutineering)
  • Points for passing scrutineering  -5pts
  • If any boat has an even amount of point’s for final placing’s at the end of the season it will be decided on a count back.
  • Minimum 3 boats in a race
  • First 2 races only count of race meeting – meaning if it is a 2 day meet only first 2 races of day 1 will count unless club advises differently or weather restricted. 
  • Race 1  random poll draw
  • Race 2  polls will be drawn on reverse finishing grid
  • Engine’s to be pump tested & sealed or engine measured & sealed prior to start of series or unless organised prior at the end of meeting.(Where applicable)
  • Points are given to the boat
  • Engines that are stripped down between race meetings can be re-sealed with a holding seal but will not receive official points until engine has been measured.
  • Classes that are unable to be catered for at venue’s can still run their round race’s at a different venue, at the discretion of the Victorian Council.

      Victorian Outboard Rounds

  • Round 1        Nov 29/30-2014  VSBC    Eppalock Gold Cup
  • Round 2        Dec 28-2014         GDBC  Glenmaggie Cup event
  • Round 3        Jan 30/31-2015    MRSBC  Melton Cup event
  • Round 4        Mar 28/29-2015   EGPBC  Paynesville Gold Cup
  • Round 5        April 25/26-2015  VSBC   Griffith Cup